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Kids Cooking Around the World

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Food is a window to cultural diversity. Here at Cook n Grow we focus on the importance of learning not only cooking skills, but the significance food has on our everyday lives. There is a great variety of foods all over the world - foods we might not have known or tried! We all have a picky eater at home; imagine having your child exposed to different foods from all around the world. Our cooking program provides a weekly class called "Kids Cooking Around the World" concentrating on the diverse dishes served in different countries and teaching kids how to cook and enjoy these meals.

"We consider cooking a life skill."

Each month, we explore a different countries' food culture: France, Germany, Colombia, Mexico and Japan are some of the places we've examined, and the list goes on and on. The foods and skills vary with the country we focus on. It's nothing too exotic - just enough to get them exposed to different cultures and flavors. This is how their taste buds get trained! While having fun, they are also being educated and get to explore the great wonders out there.

Kids Cooking Around the World is a great chance to reveal the variety of foods outside your child's comfort zone. Be sure to sign up online! Registration is super easy, and the link can be found here:

We can't wait to cook with your kiddo!

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