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  • Can I stay with my child while in class?
    No, unless attending an adult only or a “Parent N Child class," parents are not allowed in classes.
  • Do I need a membership to attend your classes and events?
    A membership is not required, but being a member gives you access to discount pricing and benefits like free guest passes and class make ups.
  • What is the difference between a class and an event?
    A class (also called a semester class) is a one hour session that runs weekly during the school year. We meet once a week and you can pay monthly or per class. You can sign up for regular attendace or attend sporadically! An event is a special themed class, such as a holiday, celebration, or once-in-awhile occurrence. We also host private events at our place or yours!
  • What do we have to bring to class?
    There’s no need to bring anything but a water bottle to class/camp. We have a water fountain to refill them. Please make sure that all personal items are labeled.
  • What should the kids wear?
    Cooking is messy and wonderful! Comfortable clothes and shoes are ideal. Please secure hair.
  • Do they get to take the chef hat and/or apron home after class?
    No, the chef hats and aprons are for the kids to only use during our cooking classes and events. We also sell them and can personalize them with your name. Let us know if you want the guests at your event to take them home as souvenirs. We also have disposable aprons for your party and/or event.
  • Can my child bring their favorite apron from home to use at Cook n Grow?
    No, UNLESS it’s a Cook n Grow apron and hat (please label them). We provide chef hats and aprons for them to use during camps or event, our policy is, ALL KIDS must wear the Cook n Grow classes and camps. We bet that we have their favorite color!
  • Where can I see your upcoming classes for kids?
    We hold many classes a week, to view our classes, please visit and select KATY and then kids. You can also go to Cook N Grow KATY on facebook and click on the event tab to view all the upcoming classes! (Private events and other locations are not posted)
  • Where do I find the kids and adult classes and how do I register?
    We’ve grown! To make it easier to navigate our site and find specifically the class or event you’re looking for, we’ve separated locations, kids and adults. It’s super easy! There’s a button for each category, to register for a single class under any category, click in Drop-in in the top left. If you’ve ever registered with us, log into our Safe Parent Portal, if this is your first time, create an account to register. Give us a call if you can’t find what you’re looking for.
  • Can I pay with a check instead of on the website?
    Yes! You can pay with check, cash, Paypal or money order. You are not registered until we receive payment. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Remember, you aren’t fully registered until we receive your payment.
  • Can I drop my child off early or pick him/her up late?
    As much as we love spending time with your kids, we have little ones waiting at home too! Please drop off your kids no earlier than 10 minutes prior to class and please pick them up ON TIME to avoid extra charge. We offer early drop off and late pick up for your convenience. For camps, after 12:05 PM (for morning camps) and 4:05 PM (for afternoon camps), you will be charged $1 PER MINUTE if you pick up your child later than 5 minutes past the hour. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • For camps, how long is the session? Can the kids stay all day?"
    For cooking camps, we have early drop off and late pick up available. Children who are registered for both morning and afternoon classes can stay for lunch and games (lunch not included) at no extra cost.
  • Do the kids eat at camp/class? Should I pack a snack?
    Kids do eat their delicious creations from class. However, please feed your kids breakfast (for morning camps) and lunch (if they’re attending an afternoon class). It’s hard to stay focused while you’re hungry and we are so busy cooking that there’s no time to snack. Remember, they only eat what they make!
  • What are your behavior policies?
    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Distracting, inappropriate, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Students will recieve a verbal warning, followed by phone call or email to parent. Students will then be suspended from class, without refund, if they do not correct their behavior.

Payment Policies

By registering, you waive your right to charge backs and/or disputes.


Our camps fill up fast, and we hate turning people down. A $15 cancellation fee per day registered
applies to ALL CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS, no exceptions. Through April 30th, we will issue a full
refund minus the cancellation fee. If you cancel from May 1st - May 15th, you’ll be charged a $50.00
cancellation fee. After May 16th, we will transfer your child to another camp (subject to availability) at
no extra cost to you. You’ll be able to transfer to another camp up to 2 times at no extra cost. You
pay for the spot, no cancellations, rain checks, gift cards, credits, refunds or charge backs will be
processed. By registering, you waive your right to charge backs and/or disputes.
Camp weeks and drop-ins may be exchanged/transferred free of charge up to three times,

if requested at least 7 days prior to the scheduled camp (subject to
availability). After the second camp transfer, a $30 transfer fee will be charged per Camp

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